Wildlife Field Trips & Internships

Through our internship program, youth are matched with wildlife projects where they will be able to develop skills while making a real difference. We use our resources to connect kids in impoverished communities to wildlife centers and sanctuaries in their country by funding classroom field trips and sponsoring wildlife-related internships. For example, we recently worked with partner organization Kids Saving the Rainforest to send an entire class from Lifting Hands in San Jose, Costa Rica all the way to Manuel Antonio National Park in Quespos, Costa Rica. Lifting Hands is a center for learning and motivation that all impoverished children in Costa Rican communities can call home.

Kids Saving Critters worked hard to facilitate a lasting relationship between Lifting Hands, based in the inner city communities of San Jose, with Kids Saving the Rainforest, based in the rainforest of Quespos, over 4 hours away. Through our Wildlife Field Trips and Internship Program, we organized and funded a day-long wildlife field trip for 16 impoverished youth. We were privileged to send a busload of inner city preteens on a day-long field trip across Costa Rica to the Pacific Coast city of Quepos to visit the Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary.


During their field trip, the kids from Lifting Hands, all of whom had never left the city of San Jose or even seen a rainforest before, spent a day exploring the coastal rainforest, where they learned about wildlife rehabilitation, rainforest preservation and what they could do to get involved in protecting rainforest animals. The focus of the field trip was to expose kids to conservation, faciliate a love of nature and empower them to protect the rainforest and the animals that live there.

"Today the kids had such an amazing day! Thank you very, very much. This was an experience that will stay with the kids forever. Your group is amazing!" - Mariola Fumero, Director of Lifting Hands."