Exclusive Interview With…. Quinn!

Kids Saving Critters Member Quinn Gets Interviewed by Co-Founder Rowan

Rowan: What is your name and grade? Quinn: My name is Quinn and I'm in 3rd grade.

Rowan: What is your favorite animal? Quinn: I love owls.

Rowan: What ideas do you have for protecting animals? Quinn: Making some common game animals shelters to hide from hunters.

Rowan: What country would you like to visit because of its wildlife? Quinn: I'd love to visit Japan!

Rowan: What animal do you think scientists should try learn more about? Quinn: I've always wanted to learn more about narwhals.

Rowan: If you could make an animal hybrid, what do you think would make the most interesting pair? Quinn: A horse and a monkey. A horsekey.

Rowan: How do you think Kids Saving Critters can be successful? Quinn: I think it would be cool to get pictures of animals and write notes about how we can help them.

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