Why Water Pollution is so Important

Nobody ever really thinks about water pollution. People are too occupied with gas pollution and global warming. They never realize how important water pollution is.                Think about it. When trash falls to the bottom of the ocean, it may kill off species we haven't even discovered yet, making…
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Exclusive Interview With…. Quinn!

Kids Saving Critters Member Quinn Gets Interviewed by Co-Founder Rowan Rowan: What is your name and grade? Quinn: My name is Quinn and I'm in 3rd grade. Rowan: What is your favorite animal? Quinn: I love owls. Rowan: What ideas do you have for protecting animals? Quinn: Making some common game animals shelters to hide…
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Kids Saving Critters Club

Friday Flag I got up at Friday Flag at the Westwood Elementary School last week. I talked about kids saving critters. We brought up the banner. We Started a New Club At  the Westwood Elementary School we have started a club. In this club we will be brainstorming ways to help animals, writing letters to…
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Fundraising Garage Sale

We are raising money for Howler Monkeys! We are having a garage sale this weekend. I'm excited to raise more money for our Howler Monkey cage project in Costa Rica. We are selling tons of stuff: sporting goods, arts and crafts, toys, games, cookies, decor, frames and more. And and the best part: all proceeds…
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